Join the Friends of Wollaton Park

The Friends of Wollaton Park is an established project set up by local residents who love Wollaton Hall and Deer Park and they regularly help the Park Rangers with conservation volunteering.


Join in....


They have lots of activities all year round you can get involved in; including, woodland management in their wildlife nature reserves, historic tours of the park, bat box making and other activities to keep the ground looking nice for visitors’ to enjoy. 

Volunteer task days this year have involved;

  • Cleaning and conservation of rooms in the Hall
  • Restoration works inside the Camellia House
  • Replacing conservation fencing 
  • Rhododendron clearing
  • Clearing Mrs Barlow’s Stables
  • Actively supporting the Walled Garden project

Becoming a member costs just £5 a year.

To find out more email the group at: or call 07747 616680.  Find them on Facebook: Friends of Wollaton Park.


Current task list below