Upstairs Downstairs


History of a significant local site since 1066, a local history study

What was it like to be a Victorian servant in a large country house? Meet ‘Crusher’ the footman and Mrs Drew, cook, and compare the lives of servants to the rich Webb family who owned Newstead Abbey.

How many servants worked at Newstead and what were their responsibilities? Through activities - including washing, polishing and kitchen duties - the children experience tasks performed by servants. Contrast the life upstairs to that below and investigate the 1871 census to unearth the names and roles of actual servants who worked at Newstead Abbey.

Dress in Victorian-style clothing and bring a Victorian-style packed lunch to enhance the atmosphere of the day.

Duration: 4 hours - 10.30am - 2.30pm

Cost per pupil: £9 per child based on 2 classes