Plant Poetry: The Sound of Nature


Mindful walking and poetry session


Key stage 1/2

Duration: 1.5 hours | 10.30am–12pm or 1pm–2.30pm

Cost per session:£4 per child

Experience Jason Singh’s sound installation which uses naturally occurring ‘biodata’ from plants to create a musical score, find out about the electrical impulses from plants and what they can tell us.

Taking part in a led walk around the park, the group will use their senses to explore and respond to the texture and movement of trees and plants.

They will then explore evocative and expressive words, extending their vocabulary to describe their experience and use these as a building block to create a group poem about what they can hear and feel or what they imagine the plants might be trying to tell us.

Gaze at the scenery, touch the trees, smell the bark and flowers, listen to the sound of the wind and taste the air.

This session runs alongside the Jason Singh sound installation: Plant Blindness

Wollaton Hall, Camellia House, 21st September 2019- Spring 2020


Curriculum links

English, Spoken Language: Acquire a wide vocabulary, listen and respond

English, Writing, Composition skills, planning writing, evaluating and editing, reviewing and sharing work.

PSHE- Emotional wellbeing and mental health