Forms Divinely Beautiful: Magical Tales

English: Writing, composition skills, planning writing, evaluating and editing, reviewing and sharing work. Art: Find out about the work of a range of artists

Much of Burne-Jones’s work depicts moments in fairy tales, myths and stories such as Merlin and Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty). The group will be led through observational, discursive and quick write exercises to explore the prints and imagine the moments in the story they depict. The group will then focus on one story, making inferences based on what can be seen and using this as a starting point to develop, map and write ideas for the story’s plot. The group will work on recognising and ordering features needed to write a fairy tale before completing the magical tale with their own ending.

This session is part of the 'Forms Divinely Beautiful' Exhibition, Newstead Abbey 8 February to 12 July 2020

Duration: 1.5 hours | 10.30am–12pm or 1pm–2.30pm.

Cost per session: £5 per child

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