Den or mini den making


Design and Technology: Design. Make. Evaluate. Technical Knowledge.

Science: Animals, including humans. Everyday materials. Working scientifically.

English, Spoken Language: Listen and respond. Ask relevant questions. Articulate and justify answers. Give well structured explanations. Maintain attention and participate actively in collaborative conversations. participate in presentations.

Physical education: Engage in competitive and cooperative physical activities in a challenging situation.

Could you survive in the wild? An inspiring and inventive session out in the wilds of Wollaton, collecting materials to construct a waterproof shelter. This enjoyable outdoor session enables pupils to practice teamwork, cooperation and communication skills in the creation and evaluation of dens.

This session can be used towards Arts Award Discover, Explore (Inspire/Create) or Bronze, Participating in the Arts.

Duration: 1.5 hours | 10.30am -12noon or 1pm - 2.30pm

Cost per session: £5 per child