Creative Writing and the World of Byron – Study Day

Curriculum links to GCSE English Language and Literature

Explorations in creative reading and writing demonstrating narrative and descriptive skills in response to the unique visual stimulus of Newstead Abbey house and grounds. Develop confidence in fluency and techniques using panoramic structure, focusing on small precise detail, editing and using impactful language.

Love and Relationships and Power and Conflict - and other poems by the Romantics - feature in the GCSE poetry anthology). An understanding of a writer’s social, historical and cultural context to inform evaluation.

Why should you attend?

A great opportunity for students studying - or about to start study of - poetry in GCSE anthologies and those wishing to develop creative writing skills. Ideal for mixed ability groups – from those who ‘get poetry’ to those who might need extra insight and encouragement – in readiness for exams. The day includes a 90-minute ‘Creative Writing Session’.

Newstead - ancestral home of Romantic poet Lord Byron - was a place of huge inspiration to the writer featuring as his ‘Norman Abbey’ in epic masterpiece, Don Juan. The creative writing element retraces Byron’s footsteps using quick and impactful writing tasks situated at various locations in the house and grounds. Designed to support GCSE students - and Question 5 of the English Language exam - the study-day introduces approaches to descriptive writing and techniques outside of the classroom. Facilitated by an experienced writer, the day provides a supportive and exciting environment to improve skills and confidence in creative writing.

Byron’s Newstead – House Tour and activities (90-minutes)

The Abbey was home to famous poet Lord Byron (1808–14) prior to its sale to friend Thomas Wildman in 1817. During the tour of the house in which he lived and worked, students learn about Byron’s life, his passions and interests. An opportunity to peruse original items of Byron memorabilia and explore wider significance. Facilitated by an experienced guide, the tour includes activities for students to complete.

Cost: £9 per pupil

Arts Award

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Part A, Discover

Part B, Find out

Part A, Inspire or Part C, Create

Part A, Participating in the Arts