Meet the Curators

With specialist curators across the various heritage sites responsible for creating bespoke exhibitions and ensuring the upkeep of the rare and precious objects within collection. If you have a particular interest and would like explore within a given collection, email or 

Sheila Wright

Curator of Natural Sciences, Wollaton Hall

"Curator of Biology at Nottingham Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall, I oversee collections of invertebrate (animals without backbones: insect, crustacean, spider and mollusc) and vertebrate (backboned animals: fish, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal).

My goal is to ensure specimens are accessible to visitors, students, and researchers. Much of our collection dates to Victorian times, and though we no longer accept creatures intentionally killed by humans, we do use examples to document how precious and finite a resource the natural world is and encourage its protection. As a keen conservationist, with a particular interest in moths, amphibians, reptiles and bats, the need to educate is a fundamental element of my role as curator."

Simon Brown

Curator of Collections, Newstead Abbey

"Curator at Newstead Abbey since October 2016, my background is museum collections, front of house, exhibition installation, education and artefact documentation.

It’s a real privilege to work here within a building seeped in history and character. The collection is rich with unique and fascinating objects, each one a narrative of the place and people who over centuries have lived and worked here. I find it endlessly fascinating and learn new things every day."

Judith Edgar

Curator of Collections, Newstead Abbey

"As curator of the Lace, Costume and Textiles Collection for Nottingham City Museums and Galleries, I care for thousands of fascinating and beautiful items. I thrive on discovering and sharing the stories associated with the past, of the people and places, ingenuity and industry, events, fashions and creative techniques.

The extensive hand and machine lace collection - designated by the Arts Council as of National importance - is a compelling narrative. For while Nottingham men invented the machines to produce the material, the women skilfully embroidered and clipped to perfectly imitate a hand-made finish. Over time, as the machines developed and grew in size, so lace evolved new fabrics adorning women and windows across the world."

Adam Smith

Curator of Natural Sciences, Wollaton Hall

"One of two curators of Natural Science at Nottingham Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall, I’m responsible for the ongoing upkeep, documentation and general care of some 750,000 objects and artefacts.

With a focus on fossils, I ensure important collections are accessible to the public. Overseeing exhibits and working alongside global paleontological experts, research students and the public, in 2017 I curated the world-exclusive ‘Dinosaurs of China: Ground Shakers to Feathered Flyers’ attracting over 100,000 visitors to Wollaton Hall. For me personally, this is a hugely exciting time with forthcoming dinosaur-related touring exhibitions a possibility as well as the creation of ‘Dynamic Planet’, to be opened in 2018."