City Archaeologist

As a member of the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers, the Nottingham City Archaeologist represents the interests of the city during a given planning process.

As curator for the city, the incumbent operates the Historic Environment Policy in tandem with the Council’s Planning Department, operating in line with the Historic Environment Policy; Standards and Guidance documents - produced by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists - the East Midlands Heritage Strategy; the Nottingham City Heritage Strategy and local plan.

  • Advising planners about the impact of a proposed development on archaeological remains
  • Determining which sites scheduled for redevelopment require archaeological assessment and field evaluation
  • The monitoring of archaeological assessments and field evaluations
  • The setting of project briefs for any resulting developer-funded excavations and ensuing work to be carried out by is approved archaeological bodies
  • The monitoring of all developer-funded work ensuring adequate standards are met

Collaborating with the Nottingham Urban Archaeological Database (UAD) and Historic Environment Record (HER), the databases provide a comprehensive record of archaeological assets within the city of Nottingham. The aim to inform management and enhance enjoyment of the historic environment by providing an information service to colleagues, external archaeological contractors and consultants, members of the public (including community and local heritage groups), students and others engaged in academic research, developers, land-agents and national and regional agencies.

HER is the primary information service for the historic environment in the City of Nottingham. It is managed in accordance with national standards of good practice and aims to continue its development as an accurate, comprehensive and actively maintained resource.

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